Why do astrological predictions fail?�

We experience day and night as the earth revolves on its axis once in 24 hours. It is because of this movement that the Sun Moon and the planets seem to rise and set. This is the basis of astrology and just as the rising Sun and Moon affects our life, same way astrology also depicts how the planets affect our life. Just because the night is dark, it does not mean that it is of no value - it is of greatest value as it is at night that we sleep and replenish our health and energy. The same way, malefic planets also have a function in our life.

The two terms malefics and benefics, I mean natural benefics (Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and Venus) or natural Malefics (Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu). Apart from these there are functional malefics or benefics which differ by individual horoscope. But a natural malefic exhibits its malice at the slightest possibility while a benefic suffers when in contact with a malefic planet or when posited in a malefic house. Reading an astrological signature and correlating with other signatures make it a very complicated affair where there are many cross currents at play. When an astrological prediction does not come true, one has to ponder over it and almost always one can locate the cross current that over powered the possibility. However the most important factor here is that the planets are not the protagonists in the play. The protagonist is a human being, live and free to make choices.

When there are too many cross currents, the person is a victim of random thought process which ultimately diverts the attention to a direction that is most unsuitable. The person faces more failures than enjoys successes in life. Astrological predictions fail as malefic energies are more rampant than normal. This can happen to a person with a very powerful horoscope as well. While judging such a horoscope astrologer has to concentrate on the generic traits of the person rather than what is being predicted by the planets. The Moon sign and Moon's location, Mercury's condition and finally the enmity of planets have to be considered. I would also see the 5th house and Mars. If there is Sun and Saturn connection there is a very good chance that ordinary astrological predictions will fail.

As I mention these signatures one by one I realize that I have embarked upon a very tricky and impossible task. However there is so much that is in your own hands. With a little concentrated effort, you can change and also put cross currents at peace.

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