Why do astrological predictions fail?
We experience day and night as the earth revolves on its axis once in 24 hours. It is because of this movement that the Sun Moon and the planets seem to rise and set. This is the basis of astrology and just as the rising Sun and Moon affects our life, same way astrology also depicts how the planets affect our life.

What If Astrology Really Worked
There is a large population which looks at todays forecast the first thing in the morning newspaper. Every one of them desires to find out about their day in the columns. Do the predictions come true? Let me talk about this. Most of the forecast columns have four to five predictions. Practically no body writes down all of them and compares the forecast with actual happening at the end of the day.

Biorhythms vs. Horoscopes
Horoscope comes from studying positions of the planets of the solar system at the moment of your birth. The planets, as seen from the Earth, are positioned in a circle and form a certain picture, which is said to symbolically represent your character. The position of the planets changes with time, and the horoscope can tell about possible changes in your life.

Do You Love Reading The Daily Horoscopes Part I
Have you ever wondered why you feel an instant attraction to certain people? These intense reactions are pre-determined by a powerful astrological principle commonly known as horoscopes.

Do You Love Reading The Daily Horoscopes Part II
How many time have you felt an instant attraction to someone you've just met? Well, the explanation is simple…you have encountered the powerful forces of the Zodiac. It is all revealed in your daily horoscopes. The intensity of the love you feel in your relationship is influenced by the twelve Zodiac signs.

Who Are the Key Players in Astrology?
Astrology has evolved over the many centuries of its existence from a fatalistic, even superstitious ritual meant for "kings" and "rulers" to a viable "art form" incorporating changes through the centuries in the development of our understanding about human nature.

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