Astrology Signs and Planets Reveal Who You Are�

Even though astrology may not be a part of your world, there is solid proof that it can be a great resource for finding out who you are? Of course, if you are like most people, you may think of astrology as a fun game and should not be taken any more seriously than the contents of a fortune cookie. This article may surprise you.

People Are Beginning to Take a New Look at Astrology

The well-known astronomer/astrophysicist, Dr. Percy Seymour of Plymouth University, wrote in his book "The Scientific Basis of Astrology," that

"The resulting fluctuations of earth's field are picked up by the nervous system of the fetus, which acts like an antenna, and these synchronize the internal biological clocks of the fetus which control the moment of birth. The tuning of the fetal magnetic antenna is carried on by the genes which it inherits, and these to some extent will determine its basic genetically inherited personality characteristics. Thus the positions of the planets at birth are not altering what we have inherited genetically but are labeling our basic inherited personality characteristics."

If a renowned scientist is confirming what astrologers have been saying for thousands of years, it is time for us to take notice and take advantage of the marvelous resources that an astrological birth chart can reveal for you. No longer can we condemn astrology as superstition, because it has been proven that the zodiacal position of the planets and signs at the time we were born actually reveal who we really are. You can actually confirm this for yourself with a little investigation.

The astrological birth chart can reveal your life purpose, the lessons that you need to learn, your unique gifts, talents, relationships to other people, and your psycho-sexual profile.

Astrology can show your sexual likes and dislikes. These preferences are revealed by the position of your Venus and Mars at he time you were born. A skilled astrologer can describe these desires quite clearly and help you understand them. He can also help you understand your sexual relationship to another person. Can you imagine the value of having such information at your fingertips.

If you wish to determine whether or not you are sexually compatible with your partner or a possible mate, you would first need to locate the sign positions of Venus and Mars (e.g., my Venus is in Gemini and my Mars is in Aquarius) at the time and place of your birth. Then you would need to learn how these planets function in those signs and how they relate to the sexual energy of the other person.
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