What If Astrology Really Worked�

There is a large population which looks at todays forecast the first thing in the morning newspaper. Every one of them desires to find out about their day in the columns. Do the predictions come true? Let me talk about this. Most of the forecast columns have four to five predictions. Practically no body writes down all of them and compares the forecast with actual happening at the end of the day. What we do is to remember something of the forecast and if anything comes true, we are delighted. We forget that the other three to four forecasts did not come true.

That is human nature. We want to believe something and find ways to prove that right. This is what we do with forecasts. None of us wants to critically analyze them because we are subconsciously worried that they can prove to be largely false. We also like to hear about what good may happen. We are all tired with worries and anxieties that we want some assurance that things are not that bad and they will improve. Astrologers use that weakness very intelligently.

What if astrology really worked? What if every astrologer made absolutely correct predictions? Say my prediction for today is that I may meet today with an accident. I will believe that and not move out of the home at all. If my prediction says that i may get a windfall soon, I will stop all my work and begin buying Lottery tickets or waiting for a rich relative to die. But despite all the reading of the predictions, none of us acts like this. That proves that we do read the columns to feel good and give no value to them as far as real life is concerned. Some people may be exceptions to this, but this is true for a very large majority. The biggest fun of life is in unexpected happening. That continues.

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