Biorhythms vs. Horoscopes´┐Ż

I am often asked, what's the difference between biorhythms and horoscopes? Are the forecasts of the program similar to horoscopes? And would the biorhythms help me win the lottery?

Let me explain what biorhythms are and how they relate to horoscopes.

Horoscope comes from studying positions of the planets of the solar system at the moment of your birth. The planets, as seen from the Earth, are positioned in a circle and form a certain picture, which is said to symbolically represent your character. The position of the planets changes with time, and the horoscope can tell about possible changes in your life.

To discover the symbolic meaning of the planets, astrologers closely followed lives of hundreds of people. They juxtaposed events in people's lives to the changes in the position of the planets, and tried to understand the meaning of their influence.

Therefore, one could say that horoscopes are based on observations and statistics. But the stars only make suggestions, which lack certainty and accuracy.

Human desire to know future allowed astrology to develop for thousands of years and to become a powerful tool in the hands of those who can use it. Thoughtfully prepared horoscope can shed light on problems of the present and suggest ways to solve problems in the future. For centuries influential people of this world came to astrologers for advice and some of their foretelling became prophetic.

Currently, massive interest in horoscopes and their wide accessibility brought on a change to the meaning and the very essence of horoscopes. It's difficult to find a popular publication these days that wouldn't offer a horoscope to their readers. Google search spits out 7 million links, if you search for "horoscopes". You can find any number of horoscopes in the matter of seconds, starting from the general horoscope for that day to a specific horoscope about tying shoelaces for the whole year for Taurus born in the year of a Wood Rooster.

What do such horoscopes promise? Anything under the blue sky. Today they promise you a win in lottery, tomorrow - the love of your life. They range far and wide, from vague descriptions, like "the person you are thinking of is thinking of you" to definite statements like "today you should change where you work" or "you should wear red all day today".

This would all be fine, but there is the question of accuracy. How well can you trust such horoscopes? Here are a few fragments from forums on professional astrology websites:

Q: What do you need to write my horoscope? A: We need date, time, and place of your birth; description of several important events in your life, preferably with exact dates and some comments; description of your profession, hobbies, problems; questions that you might have. The most important thing is the desire to seriously and honestly discuss your current problem. If you have a question regarding relationships, we'll need similar information about your partner, as well as the date of your first meeting and the beginning of the relationship. Q: I am a Leo, or, according to the Chinese horoscope, a Rooster. Will I be able to get my money that I earned and that were taken away from me? Am I ever going to get rich? I also noticed that according to the description of a Gemini, they are not likely to have a successful marriage, regardless of the Zodiac of the person they marry. How can that be? A: Your question suggests that any Leo, born in the year of a Rooster, should expect to become rich. People with such astronomical nonsense shouldn't expect anything good. As far as Gemini is concerned, it's all nonsense, since everything depends on the individual horoscope. Q: Do you write individual horoscopes? If yes, what do I need to send you? A: I've said many times that writing individual horoscopes by correspondence is profanity. Individual horoscopes take many hours in conversation with an astrologer. How do you imagine doing it by correspondence? If you are able to come to an appointment, then by all means. Here, on the website, I do not write individual horoscopes. It's serious and hard work. Q: Can you tell me how to attract luck in lottery? A: I can't. It's either there from your birth or it isn't. Professional astrologers make a point that only personal horoscopes, created preferably from a personal meeting, are meaningful. The cost of a consultation starts at $50. General horoscopes are nothing more than entertainment and a tribute to fashion.

Now let's take a look at biorhythms. Like horoscopes, biorhythms reflect the influence of cycles in our life. As far as we know, biorhythms were discovered and widely used in ancient China. They thought that the causes of such cycles were changes in the positions of the sun, the moon, and the planets.

European founders of biorhythmology in the 19th century thought that biorhythms were regulated by the endocrine glands. That, however, did not explain the regularity of the rhythmic changes.

Modern studies showed that the work of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th energy centers (chakras) are synchronous with the fluctuations in physical, emotional, and intellectual biorhythms. Their intensity in the maximum periods is the highest and in the minimum periods - the lowest. This shows the cosmic nature of our biorhythms. It's interesting that sun's full rotation around its orbit is the same as the period of a full emotional cycle, which is 27 days. The cosmic space influences our energy field and transfers energy to certain glands. As a result, we feel internal changes.

There are three basic biorhythms: physical, emotional, and intellectual, plus an additional one - intuitive. The cycles begin at the moment of birth, go through different periods, and continue to influence us throughout our whole life. Each of the biorhythms reflect certain capabilities of the person. Note, that the rhythms do not define the capabilities, but rather show their potential.

So if you are at a zero level of the physical cycle, it doesn't mean that you will lie down flat all day, but it may mean that you won't break any sports records. It will mean that the body needs rest and it would be best to restore your strength.

The rest of the rhythms behave in the same way: intellectual rhythm at its highest is favorable for scientific work, interviews, and conferences; at your emotional high you will not be able to show your most sensitive and attentive self to your partner. So you can see that it's possible to tell pretty accurately how someone feels at any time! by looking at the combination of their biorhythms.

Physical (also known as male) and emotional (female) rhythms were discovered at the end of the 19th century. Thousands of patience were observed and the results were statistically recorded. Later on, the intellectual and the intuitive dependencies were discovered. If you look at the biorhythms on a graph, they look like waves with their highs and lows.

To analyze current rhythms and to make forecasts, the modern biorhythm theory uses the combination of the three basic rhythms and an additional one. Positive and negative fluctuations of each rhythm gives us 16 combinations, which allows us to characterize any day in detail as well as compatibility of any two or more people quite accurately.

To review, the biorhythms can:

- Forecast the physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive capabilities of any person at any given time. It may be very useful for planning of important events, such as job interviews, exams, public speaking events, making deals, competitions, long trips, or the start of new relationships.

- Biorhythms can tell you when to be extra careful or when to use your maximum potential.

- They can analyze the compatibility of partners and the interactions between two or more people. This applies to romantic relationships as well as to the prospects of joint ventures.

What biorhythms can't do:

- Money. Biorhythms can plan out favorable days for making deals, or for highest intellectual and intuitive capabilities. The rest, however, depends on you.

- Luck. To a great disappointment, there just isn't a graph for luck. Biorhythms can help determine your intuitive and emotional capabilities, but certain things should be left for the forces from above.

- Love. Biorhythms can help you find an ideal partner, who would fit all of your criteria, and with whom you could live a long happy life. But it's going to be your task to meet such a person, make them fall in love with you, and to be worthy of their love.

To conclude our topic, here's a summary about biorhythms vs. horoscopes.

They have much in common: - people experience the influence from space and from nature - the influence is cyclic and predictable, as are human capabilities - the analysis of the influences can be recommended as a forecast - the forecast is individual for every person and is determined by the date their of birth - the analysis can be performed for any time in the past, present, or future - both tools cover most of the important topics in one's life

At the same time, there are some differences: Biorhythms can only consider person's capabilities. It's not possible to use them to foretell human catastrophes, wars, natural disasters, events in one's life, or human fate. However, biorhythms are easier to use - you just need to know the birth date and the program is going to calculate the rest.

What remains unquestionable, is the fact that intuition, intellect, emotions, and physical condition of a person go through regular periods of change. Knowing about these fluctuations will help you harmonize your internal world, your relationships with others, with nature, and the universe. And if you need to resolve something really serious, no program is going to replace a live person with a professional approach.

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