Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by. If you're buying for a backpacker, here are a few unique backpacking gift ideas. Okay, I'll be the first one to admit publicly that buying gifts for the holidays can be a pain in derriere. When it comes right down to it, who knows if a gift will be a hit or a dud. If you're shopping for a backpacking enthusiast, your task is going to be much easier. Unique Backpacking Gifts Despite the relative simplicity of backpacking, there are lots of items you can give as gifts to backpackers.

Here are a few that will be a big hit. 1. Trekking Poles ? Backpackers tend to go in two directions ? forward and up. Regardless of the direction, they are going to be hoofing a heavy backpack from here to there.

Trekking poles are very popular with backpackers because they let them use their arms to support part of the weight. Think of Gandolf in Lord of the Rings, but with a backpack on and a smaller beard! Black Diamond and Leki are good brands, but you can expect to pay a little over $100 for them. 2.

Digital Handheld GPS ? Yep, even backpacking has gone digital. Who would've thunk it? Digital handheld GPS units are a recent phenomenon and popular with backpackers. Regardless, backpackers use the units to make sure they know where they are at all times and not get lost.

The Garmin brand is solid and you can expect to pay $120 to as much as you can spend. 3. Hydration Waist Packs ? Backpackers consistently face the threat of getting dehydrated while hoofing it around God's green earth. Hydration packs help prevent this by letting the backpacker carry water comfortably. You'll have a choice of waist, shoulder and full on backpack systems.

The waist packs are the best. You can expect to spend in the $30 to $45 range and Amphipod is a good brand. 4. Nomad Backpacking Journals ? A little self-promotion here.

Nomad Backpacking Journals are compact writing journals that let backpackers keep notes and diaries of their hikes. They can record whom they hiked with, the route, weather conditions and funny little events occurring during the trip. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to see them and expect to pay between $10 and $25 depending on the size. If you're looking for gifts for backpackers, consider yourself lucky. The equipment tends to be inexpensive and last a very long time.

Rick Chapo is with - makers of writing journals for hiking, backpacking and camping. Backpacking journals make great Christmas gifts for him or her. Visit NomadJournalTrips.

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