Fun While You Motor

This article is to provide you with some of the most interesting games which you can play while motoring with your family. Enjoy your motor ride with fun and excitement. We have found the following games delightful family entertainment while motoring through the country.

One of our party favorites is "Shopping." It is easily played in a car. You will find variations. Another excellent car game we call "Air, Water, and Fire.

" The one who is "IT" points to one of the players and calls out one of the three words "Air, Water, or Fire" and then quickly counts to ten. The player designated must name an animal living in the element called; unless the word "Fire" is called, then he makes no answer. For instance in answer to "Air" a player can say "blue jay" or "dog." If he fails to answer correctly before ten is counted or if he mentions an animal another player has already mentioned, he then becomes "IT." This game is lots of fun and educational as well because eventually a great many animals are named and their habitats learned.

There are several variations of the game of "Cities" which we have described on page 198. Another version of the same game is to restrict the names of the cities or towns used to a specific state or country. Everyone learns a lot of geography with this game. A spelling match in the car is always fun. The spelling master chooses any two letters of the alphabet, for instance "F" and "D," announces them and says that "F" will be indicated by the spellers raising the right hand and "D" the left hand. Then the master pronounces the words trying always to pronounce as many words as possible containing "F" and "D.

" To spell the word "Ford" the speller raised his right hand for "F," then says "O" and "R" and raises his left hand for "D." After a bit of practice the spellers can use more difficult words and more signs. Take the word "find." For "F" raise the right hand, say "I N," for "D" raise the left hand. For the letter "I" touch the eye, for "U" point to the spelling master, for "R" whistle, and for "S" nod the head. The player who misses becomes the next spelling master.

Another game that is exciting is a word builder. The first player starts off with a two-letter word such as "he." The second player adds a letter, perhaps "t," to make the word "the." The third player adds still another letter, perhaps "n," making "then." The next player can add the letter "i," making the word "thine." And so on until no more letters can be added which will make another word.

Then the next person in turn can choose another two-letter word to start another chain of words. It is surprising what long words can be built up in this way.

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