The Deficiency of Milk

Exclusively, deficiency of milk is one of the concern chapters for all maternal groups. This deficiency of milk arises at very early period after delivery to the mothers. Milk is always all time food for all. It can make problem to the small infants if there will deficiency of milk from their mother. It will make problem in supply of nourishment for the infant in scanty. So this deficiency of milk occurs from the mother to their infants.

Milk is the ultimate food for all infants for their good health as to quantity and quality and nutritious. Our stomach as well as the infants needs a plain, generous, nutritious diet. But naturally it is needed a wholesome food, mixed food and vegetables without any alcohol, that you need for a better health. Exercise is one of the good habits for our health in open air which will help the mothers in promoting secretion of good and healthy milk. Mother should not lie in bed for long time; even it will better to walk daily in morning for their babies indirectly.

Mother should bath cold water every morning. If you follow these steps you will able to get milk ample in quantity and quality. For example a healthy woman of 25 years, remains very strong even in her first confinement. Every thing went on well for the first week, except that, although the breasts became enlarged, and promised a good supply of nourishment for the infant, at its close there was merely a little oozing from the nipple. During the next fortnight a slight, but very gradual increase in quantity of milk took place, so that a dessert spoonful only was obtained about the middle of this period, and perhaps double this quantity at its expiration.

It will be the question mark for the life of the babe after three to four days. In that time milk rarely dried out, so the babe may grasp the nipple of its nurse. Therefore, milk was to be drained with a spoon to feed a child. Gradually as the day progress milk could obtain the breast-milk for itself.

Initially there is a very fair proportion of healthy milk in her bosom, so that the child will recovered perfectly. Where, however, there has been an early deficiency in the supply of nourishment, it will most frequently happen that, before the sixth or seventh month, the infants demands will be greater than the mother can meet. The deficiency must be made up by artificial food, which must be of a kind generally employed before the sixth month, and given through the bottle.

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